Breakfast & Snacks

SRMC Electricals offers a large number of products which enhance your daily lifestyles

Who wouldn't want to eat breakfast like a king? But often we see that time itself becomes a hindrance in this. Keeping this need in mind, we at SRMC Electricals offer a range of products that make whipping up of breakfasts and snacks a breeze! Whether you want your hot cup of java, strong dose of tea or a cold, refreshing glass of juice, our Juicers, Electric Kettles and Coffee Makers will ensure that you get it at your fingertips. Our range of Toasters and Sandwich Makers will have you sorted for your morning breakfasts or evening snacks. So, now you can have your bread and toast it too! You can browse through our range of kitchen appliances to choose the one made just for your daily cravings. We at SRMC Electricals make sure that your breakfast and snack time are a convenient affair!


Drinking a glass of fresh juice in the morning is a delicious way of getting a natural energy boost. Its easily digestible form helps children, convalescents and the elderly gain essential nutrients. Children who do not like to consume fruits and vegetables can be easily persuaded to drink a glass of nutrient packed juice. SRMC Electricals Juicers help you substitute the sugar laden and unhygienically prepared juices that are available in the market. You can now have for 100% freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juice at home. Our easy-to-clean juicers work efficiently and ensure minimum wastage to guarantee that you get every drop of goodness out of your juice. From full apple to citrus juicing, fulfil all your juicing needs with SRMC Electricals Juicers!

Coffee Maker

Start your day on a great note with a fragrant cup of coffee to jolt you awake. Coffee not only kickstarts your day, but is also packed with antioxidants to give your health a boost as well. Skip the long lines and exorbitantly priced drinks at your local cafe chain and enjoy the freshest and tastiest brew every morning with a SRMC Electricals Coffee Maker. Easy to use and even easier to maintain, SRMC Electricals coffee maker is the ideal solution for every coffeeholic who loves their fresh cup of joe. SRMC Electricals Coffee Maker has a frothing function for making a cappuccino and can make up to 4 cups at a time. It also comes with a 2-year warranty. So go ahead and experiment with different grounds and roasts, as with a SRMC Coffee Maker you can always be assured of a great cup of coffee!